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MDAG.com Internet Case Study 25

A Case Study of Important Aluminosilicate Neutralization

by K.A. Morin and N.M. Hutt

© 2007&2008&2011 Kevin A. Morin and Nora M. Hutt

Morin, K.A., and N.M. Hutt. 2007. A Case Study of Important Aluminosilicate Neutralization. MDAG Internet Case Study #25, www.mdag.com/case_studies/cs25.html.

Revised, updated, and expanded in 2008 and again in 2011

This MDAG Internet Case Study is available only as a PDF file (~0.3 MB).  Click here for the PDF file of MDAG Case Study 25.

For more case studies, see Environmental Geochemistry of Minesite Drainage: Practical Theory and Case Studies.

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Created by K.Morin